Question: Can Wild Oregano Oil Good For Thyroid Problems?

February 15, 2010


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Oregano oil is a staple of the Mediterranean diet and has been in traditional use for thousands of years. Its name comes from a Greek word meaning "joy of the mountains".

This powerful aromatic oil has long been regarded as an aid for sinus or lung congestion. Wild oil of oregano's traditional use is for general immune system support.*
The Oregano Oil Quality Difference

There is a large quality difference in oregano oil nutritional supplements. Wellness Resources´┐Ż Oregano Oil contains a full 100 mg of wild oregano oil per capsule, containing 55%-65% carvacrol. Carvacrol is the active component in oregano oil.*

Many companies will not list the carvacrol content of their oregano oil, as the potency is so low they don't want you to know. Other companies hide the amount of wild oregano oil in a "proprietary blend," deceiving customers. For example, they do not tell you on the label how much wild oregano oil is contained in each serving. Instead, they hide the oregano oil amount in a proprietary blend of olive oil, wherein the oil is listed as the first ingredient. This means that olive oil is at least half the milligrams listed and potentially 90% or more of the product; the consumer never knows.

At Wellness Resources you know you are getting a full 100mg of the finest wild oregano oil available. Furthermore, we will state the actual amount of active carvacrol on the label. Discover the difference that high quality wild oregano oil can make for you!

I'm still doing well. I don't know where you were looking for my postings...LymeNet maybe? I haven't posted there in awhile. I spend all of my spare time on this site doing this as I feel it's more effective and I can reach more people this way. So far, I've answered over 500 questions!

Sounds like you are not on antibiotics? Is this by choice or necessity?

If you are going the natural route, I ran across two things that may help. One is Seagate Olive Leaf Extract. It has to be this brand for maximum effectiveness. They're having a 2 for 1 special through 6/30. The other is wild oregano oil capsules. Google both and you'll find them if you're interested. Do some reading on those two and see what you think.

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Is the oregano oil good for thyroid