Question: So I'm trying to figure out how many cups or oz should be in a dinner serving. I'm wondering because I want to order containers and not sure if 24 or 32 oz is too big for an average size meal. Meal could be pasta, rice, meat and/salad. The measurements is

October 28, 2010


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Depending on what you are serving- a meat portion is generally 3-4 oz (more if you have larger eaters or not much in the sides). It depends on what you are preparing. If I was serving flank steak, some kind of rice dish and grilled zucchini, I would have 3-4 oz of meat, 1/2- 3/4 cup rice and 3-4 slices of zucchini. If I was doing pasta- (I generally toss my sauce into it) 1-2 cup portions plus salad. 32 oz sounds large- but if this portion is for more than 1 person it should be ok.

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Chris is a portioning what she says!!