Question: how can I fix a salty meatloaf?

June 13, 2011
I didn't have garlic so I used garlic salt and now my meatloaf is very salty


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I'm assuming that it's cooked? It would depend on what's in the recipe.
You could make a sauce for it using a sweeter chili sauce in or a sweet chili-orange sauce. That would help to diminish the salt. Even a sweet & sour sauce doctored up with a sweet orange, mango or lychee juice, would make it seem less salty.

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You could also make a bland gravy to pour over it, something like a flour roux mixed with milk. To do this heat a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil mixed with plain flour in a pan until it turns a deep nut brown. Be sure to stir constantly and then add milk bit by bit until you get a nice thick gravy. Maybe also add some sauteed mushroom and/or onions. If you don't add any salt and pour over the salty meatloaf, they would balance out.

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We never use garlic salt in our cooking..Use either fresh garlic or garlic powder..
also we cook with kosher salt, it has a less salty cleaner salt flavor, plus you can pick it up and apply it with you hand not from a shaker.. Also it is impossible to take salt out so use it sparingly, you can always add it later

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If you weren't averse to making it into another dish, you could crumble the meatloaf and use it as a stuffing for a bell pepper and mix bread crumbs with the meat to decrease the salt and rebake. You could also top with very lightly salted mashed potatoes and layer over the crumbled meat loaf to make a mock shepard's pie. Throw some green peas in between the meat and the mashed potatoes for a little extra sweetness to cut down on the salt.

Hope this helps!