Question: chuck under blade roast

May 22, 2011
Recently i bought a few chuck underblade roasts because of the price.I can make a great tender slow cooked roast ,however i'm burnt out on roasts! Is their any other way to cook this cut(ie a fat steak )and make it tender???


Chris Paulk's picture

You could cube the meat and use it in a soup, stew or chili. If you slow cook it, you could make a great mole sauce for it and serve it with tortillas for a carne asada type dish. Slow cook it in a crock pot- drain the liquid, add some liquid smoke and BBQ sauce for BBQ sandwiches. Rick Bayless has a great braised short rib recipe- I might be tempted to see if you could sub this cut of meat there. Since it cooks for a long time, it just might work!