Question: fresh mushrooms

March 13, 2011
what is the shelf life of fresh mushrooms and what is the best way to store. can they be blanched and frozen?


Chris Paulk's picture

Mushrooms can vary. If they're too moist they'll get slimy and turn really fast. Try storing them in a paper bag- they seem to last a lot longer that way. Personally, I'm not a fan of frozen mushroom- I don't like the texture they take on- but it can be done. If I do it- I store them in a broth and use them in a soup. I prefer dried mushrooms over frozen. You might try dehydrating some and freezing some and see what you prefer.

Priya Padave's picture

The shelf life of fresh mushrooms is 24 hours. However you can store them in paper bags in the your refrigerator. Dried mushrooms are better than frozen, as frozen mushrooms later lose their taste and flavour.