Question: cake batter coloring

February 24, 2011
I want to bake a red velvet cake BUT i want to make it blue, when i was a kid my mother tried to make me a blue one but it came out green. Can it be made blue?


Rich Grant's picture

Not likely. Think about it RGB is a pallette. Red Green Blue. Using those 3 colors lets you make any other color. And adding Blue to Red makes Green.

Since a Red Velvet cake is typically choclate base the red is easy to add. I think you would have to add a LOT of blue and it would probably just have an ugly color.

Probably the best you could do is skip the red food coloring to add Blue frosting to a brown cake.

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Blue Velvet Cake is often used for July 4th - type celebrations (you can make some seriously exciting flag cakes with it)... You just need a heap-load of blue food colouring to do it... This is a post by Liz La Bau - I haven't tried it personally, but I trust her to get it right! :)