Question: What Are The 3 Main Types Of Food Cross Contamination?

February 15, 2010


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The 3 main ways that cross contamination occurs are:
1. Food to Food. For example meat in the refrigerator drips onto vegetables on the shelf below.

2. Equipment/Utensils to food. For example cutting raw chicken and than using the same knife and cutting board to cut raw vegetables for a salad.

3. People to Food. This is a big one, but also the easiest to stop! Food can be contaminated by handling it after using the bathroom with out properly washing your hands, touching raw meat and than preparing vegetables with out properly washing your hands, or using an apron or towel to wipe your hand rather than washing them when handling different foods.

Simple steps to avoid cross contamination are to wash your hands, wash/sanitize utensils and equipment and to store foods properly.