Question: where can I find pickling cucumbers

January 28, 2011


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Your grocery store would be your best bet, or a local hot house grower. They're not currently in season in most places in the US.

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Chris is correct, they're not really in season. However, your local grocery store or specialty grocery (whole foods, etc) should carry them. They're usually found near 'regular' cucumbers.

Happy Cooking!

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Even though pickling cucumbers are not in season, I just recently made pickles with regular cucumbers that I sliced up. They turned out great!

Good luck!
Jenny @ Savour the Senses

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I just picked up a bag of pickling cukes to make Tzatziki the other day. In my store, they keep them near the bags of baby carrots and sweet peas rather than with the English and Garden Cukes, which are usually together.

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If you don't live in a large city it can be tough. Most grocery stores only carry what's in season and even that can be a little hit a miss. Look for a Mediterranean or ethnic market.

Good luck!