Question: Fitness in Golf by Joe Jershon

August 19, 2014
Most golfers understand that fitness in golf is important, but what they do not understand is how to go about achieving it. Understanding golf fitness is not complicated, but it does require a commitment from you to your game as well as your general health. Players face more stiff competition today than ever before, and only the fittest will survive to the next competitive round. Begin your fitness in golf program with some simple warm up exercise. Xtreme Nitro A brief walk or swim is perfect. It only takes about ten minutes to get the blood circulating enough to adequately warm your muscles for exercise. When your muscles are warm, it is time to stretch. Take your time stretching each major muscle group, your legs, your torso, your back and your arms. When your muscles are adequately warmed and stretched, you can work them harder without injuring yourself. The timing of the rest of your workout for fitness in golf is up to you. The elements you need to incorporate into your workout routine are strengthening exercises and cardiovascular exercise. Strengthening exercises should include all of the muscles important to the game of golf: your back, legs and arms. Circuit training is the process of working with a group of machines or weights and alternating among them. Remember that only your abdominal muscles should be worked on consecutive days. All of the other muscles in your body need at least one day in between strength training in order to rest. Building muscles is a process of tearing down and building up your muscles. A high protein diet and a day of rest between strength training is necessary for building muscle.