Question: is drieD fruit bad for you like candy or good For you like fruit?

May 20, 2011
Is dried fruit good for you like candy or good For you like fruit?



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Many store-bought dried fruits contain added sugar and trans fat. Be sure to read the label. If the label lists anything other than the fruit, such as; sugars, sucrose and/or partially-hydrogenated oil then pick something else. If you're watching your calories - dried fruit is higher in calories than its fresh counterpart. While dried fruits are high in calories, they're also high in other nutrients that you want in your diet, so there is an upside.

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The sugar is concentrated and bad for teeth.

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I agree with Chris. Good fiber etc., just higher concentrated sugars and a lot more calories by weight. And be careful, some people are also sensitive or even allergic to the sulphured types of dried fruit; unsulphured is available in health food sections/stores.

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Dry fruits apple is made by removing water via warm, dry air in a dehydrator or outdoors on a dry, sunny, hot day. It’s the same as normal fresh fruit, but it can be kept longer time than normal fruit. There's nothing wrong with dry fruits apple, only if you're conscious of the quantity, it is good for your health.