Question: Chinese Wok Vs Saute Pan/skillet

April 28, 2010
Do you agree? What a pan can do, a wok can do; but what a wok can do, a pan cannot do.


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Sure. But what is your point?

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Am also deciding the kind of wok - is stainless steel better or cast-iron?

Or is there something a pan can do so well that a wok can't?

Thanks :)

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Flip an omelette in a wok. Make an overeasy fried egg in a wok. Make pan cakes in a wok. Wok's are nice but require a great deal of work to keep them seasoned. They are big for a lot of 'regular' cooking & sauteing. They don't work all that well on an electric stove either....I've heard.

I've never heard of a cast iron wok. Boy, would that be heavy. Hammered steel is what you want.