Question: chopped fresh rosemary

November 18, 2010
How do I chop fresh rosemary? clean the leaves of the stems and then chop? I gues this is a stupid question.


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The only stupid question is the one you don't ask. Strip the Rosemary needles off the branch by pulling it backwards (from the top towards the bottom) between your thumb and forefinger. You'll note the branch at the top of the sprig is much more tender and can be chopped up with the needles. Then, using a sharp knife, chop the needles as roughly or fine as you wish.

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There is no such thing as a silly question?

In fact the silly question is the one that you don't ask.

Basically, when it comes to chopping fresh rosemary. Firstly you should wash the sprigs and then dry them. After that you remove the leaves from the stem and chop as required.

The stems can be used for other purposes. For example; for flavoring broths, adding to the pan while roasting vegetables.

Should you require further details please let me know.

I hope the above is of assistance for you.

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