Question: How long to sun dry my sun-dried tomatoes?

December 18, 2010
Just made a fresh batch of sun dried tomatoes with olive opil, rock salt, black pepper, garlic and basil and laid out a tray in the (indian) sun. How long do you think I should leave it there? a couple of days? I get good sunlight on my window sill from 8 am to around 2 pm each day.


Chris Paulk's picture

It would depend on a few things.
1. the temperature
2. the water content of the tomatoes
3. the moisture level in the air
In a dehydrator they can take anywhere from 4-8 hours.
In an oven they can take 10-20 hours
and outside up to 2 days!

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It will take 7-8 days in full sun in Indiafor complete drying, Mash the tomatoes before drying. Put Red colored muslin/malmal cloth over tomatoes to retain colour or to avoid spoilage. You must protect tomatoes from from water mist (dew) at night.