Question: Sea Salt Taste

February 26, 2011
Is sea salt saltier than regular salt, or less salty?


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Generally I think it's a little saltier- but it depends on which you're using. If you're using coarse ground or flakes- often times it starts off less salty, then you add more or it "melts" into the food and gets really salty. I have about 10-15 kinds of salt in my cupboard, from granulated sea salt-which I bake with- more even, to gray, Mediterranean, Hawaiian black salt, pink sea salt, ect.
They're all different and can have more of a mineral taste or more true salt. Some seem more salty than others.

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I think this article from the Times Food blog is very interesting, and important to understand. Answers your question well, I think.

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It is saltier, but it has a more rounded flavor than table salt.

If you've ever tried Fleur de Sel, you'll never go back! (Fleur de Sel is strong, so don't use a lot.) Fleur de Sel is a finishing salt, so use it just before serving. Just a pinch will do!