Question: Can you safely eat cheesecake that has been left out overnight?

June 18, 2011


Chris Paulk's picture

There're usually baked so it should be fine. I would just thinly slice off the sides of the last cut. (I personally would use a bit of caution if it was super warm though).

Kitch-N-Chik's picture

Baked custard type desserts are not safe to leave unrefrigerated. Due to the high moisture/protein content of eggs and milk when they are left at room temperature this is possibility that bacteria can grow and multiply quickly. I would not eat it.

Kay's picture

Rather than leave anything to chance, I refrigerate mine. I always take it out of the fridge an hour before serving because it tastes better at room temp.

yvette's picture

I definitely would not eat it, the only cheesecake that is left out is entamanns and its full of chemicals to make it shelf stable...a homemade cheesecake not so much