Question: How Many People Does A Quart Of Coleslaw Serve?

February 15, 2010


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Many more options and ideas on the Fruit Trays page. Option 6: .... The quantities above are basic standards that can be used for estimating the amount of dry pasta to buy. ... Cole Slaw, 3-1/2 quarts, 1 3/4 gallons, 3-1/4 gallons ... *Remember, it takes about 120 servings to serve 100 people and for self or buffet ...

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If I have a group of 20 men and I need nacho chips, salsa and queso to feed them, how many quarts and pounds of each do I need? They will have other hors d' oeuvres as well. The chips are sold by the pound and the queso and salsa are sold by the quart.

Thank you very much. Kim