Question: cheddar cheese macaroni and cheese

September 28, 2010
I recently procured a large amount of cheddar cheese and am interested in new ways of using it. Mac and Cheese has always been a favorite, but I find that cheddar separates and I wind up with a pool of oil at the top of my baking pan. Any suggestions for avoiding this?



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Heat the cream for your sauce....once its hot take if off the heat and blend in the cheddar. Mix with your pasta and what ever else you put in there and into your greased/sprayed oven-proof baking pan and into your oven. When it is almost done remove from the oven and add a layer of cheddar on top...returning until the cheese has melted. See if that works.

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OR: Don't worry about topping it with cheese and put a topping of herbed bread crumbs or whatever you like on it prior to putting into the oven...bake it until its nice and brown on top. Always let it sit for a while (10 minutes or so) so it has time to set up before you dig in.

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Maybe you're getting it too hot or baking it too long.
This is my favorite recipe- it might be the egg that keeps it from doing that.
Not Your Mom's Mac & Cheese

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Hi...thanks for your suggestions. I did some research and I think it's the starch that acts as an emulsifier and prevents the oil from separating.

As an experiment, I substituted corn starch for flour and found that gave me a smoother sauce component.