Question: Does jello have pork associated in any way?

May 26, 2013


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Pork in jello?

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I'm asking a question.. Does Jello, have pork in the ingredients?

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It might. Jello is made from boiling down certain animal parts. I believe pigs are one of the possible animals used. I'm pretty sure its not safe for people who avoid pork and 100% sure its not vegetarian. There are kosher gelatins out there. They will be specially labeled. They are made from fish bones. Whole foods, some healthfood stores and specialty stores catering to kosher followers will carry it.

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Gelatin is a meat byproduct. Impossible to know what animals were involved. So if it's a religious thing, no gelatin products for you, jello (and lots of other things) are off limits.

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You will not see the actual word PORK listed in the ingredients of jello. Instead, there is a main ingredient called gelatin, which the previous responders have told you are by-products of animals, one of them a possibility of pigs. Best to steer clear of jello with gelatin in it if you don't want to eat pork. Hope this helps.