Question: What Substitute You Can Take Of Pernod Liquor In Most Recipies?

March 28, 2010


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In most recipies "Pastis" can be taken as the substitute of pernod liquor.

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Pastis is Pernod. Pernod is actually a Brand name for an Anise liqueur. Henri Pernod opened the first Absinthe distillery in 1797. The original Pernod consisted of 65-75% alcohol, Anise, and the hallucinogen, absinthe “Arthemisia Absinthium,” aka Wormwood, which gave Pernod a distinct reputation around the world. It was said to be a favorite amongst the bohemian crowd because they believed it conjured up creativity. Van Gogh was a Pernod drinker.

In 1915 the French banned Wormwood due to its hallucinogenic effects. Eventually the absinthe formula was modified, into the Pernod as we know today, a 40% alcohol (80 proof) anise-flavored spirit. So Pernod is actually the successor of Absinthe.

Its distinctive flavor is created through a combination of star anise, several aromatic herbs, spices and flower essences.

The difference between the the two is that Absinthe is not really a liqueur because it's distilled. Although Pernod is actually the brand name It is commonly known here in America as the type of liqueur it is. Pastis is a French term for anise-flavored cordials

It tastes like licorice due to it's main ingredient star anise. But it's bitter sweet
Other similiar "pernod" cordial names/brands are Sambuca, Ouzo, Annisette and Absinthe.

You can substitute any of those for Pernod, but again Pernod is bittersweet whereas the others are very very sweet. You can also crush anise seeds and soak them in Gin or Vodka to get a similiar flavor for cooking. There is also anise extract you can find in the spice section of the grocery store.

hope this helps

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This is very helpful because I am preparing to try a different recipe for escargot which calls for Pernod which I cannot find. So I am trying to find a substitute for my recipe. Escargot is a delicacy in my family and we get together once a year celebrate Christmas and the new year.So this will help. Thanks.