Question: How do I get too much salt out of a sauce

April 2, 2011
made spaghetti sauce, but too salty. Any way I can get rid of salt taste. I've heard you should put a potato in to absorb the salt. Will this change the tase of the sauce, and should the potato be peeled or unpeeled.


Chris Paulk's picture

I would peel the potato and try it. You may end up with a little of the potato taste- but it should be drowned out with the acidic tomato. You can compensate by adding fresh sage or oregano to the sauce.

Layne Diehl's picture

The potato works! Just let it simmer whole for about 15 minutes in the sauce. I generally don't peal the potato first, but I do clean it thoroughly. I don't know what pealing it would do.

Kat's picture

Not as good for you - but you can counter-act the salt with sugar - or a grated carrot...