Question: How Much Time Does It Take To Cook A 33 Lb Turkey?

February 22, 2010


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.We raise turkeys and so we are often asked how long to cook our "Big Birds". .We always recommend using a thermometer as mentioned in a previous post as ovens vary considerably.
.For example, we cooked a 42 lb turkey in our Miele convection oven at 350 degrees and it took a little under 4 hours to be totally cooked.
.It was unstuffed, something we recommend for birds over 26 lbs but that's just us.
.At home in our regular oven we cooked a 35 lb turkey today that was fresh from the farm (ours) and it took 5 hours 30 minutes. Moist and juicy! We did have this one skinless and so we had to baste once every half hour after the first 3 hours.
.If you get a turkey that's just too big for you, you can often get it split down the middle so you can cook half at once.
.It's much easier than trying to fit a huge bird in your oven and you still get the great meat to bone ratio of having a larger bird.