Question: What Is Basil Oil Good With?

February 5, 2010
I've just recently discovered this delicious-sounding oil/herb infusion, but I'm not really sure what it would be good with or on.



Curt's picture

Add your favorite vinegar, a little dijon, blend and it's a vinaigrette, put it on fish, put it on chicken, toss pasta with it, saute vegetable with it, cook your eggs in it...use your imagination.

Gina Marie Barone's picture

I think it is gorgeous as a presentation garnish. Over and around crab cakes, drizzled on grilled vegetables, on top of slow roasted tomato halves with feta cheese... you get the idea.

Chris Paulk's picture

Drizzle it over steak, fresh sliced tomatoes, or goat cheese. A few drops on gazpacho, fish tacos or roasted onions will completely transform these dishes. It can be a beautiful garnish or a savory compliment. What would happen if you drizzle it over scrambled eggs?