Question: How can I keep food warm on a dinner plate after it is served?

January 9, 2011
Food gets cold quickly once it is served to guests. I warm their dinner plates in my warming drawer but the food quickly becomes cold. Any suggestions for keeping it warm once served?


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If the plates have been warmed and the food is warm- there is not a whole lot you can do. They make some warming pads- that are basically a pot holder filled with a material that will keep the bottom of a dish set on it warm, but they will make the plate unsteady. You can try using a warm charger plate- a larger plate than your serving plate- under the serving plate to see if that helps.
There is a company called Hot Smart that makes a plate they claim will keep food hot for 30 minutes it's pretty expensive and I'm a little skeptical. If you have heavy stoneware - the heat lasts longer than china when pre-heating your plates.

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Most of the time I use stoneware to bake and cook with. It always keeps the food nice and hot until I'm rady to serve it. I would say, as well, just keep warming the plates and keeping the oven low, keeping the food hot. OR just tell everyone to eat quicker :)

I know using the grill is a great place to keep food hot if your oven is full. Just make sure its clean. I've had a few dishes come out tasting of smokey goodness when not intended to!