Question: Do you have a recipe for making wine from granadilla?

February 1, 2011
Can granadilla be used in wine making?


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This is Jack Kellers' recipe for Apricot wine. I would think that it would be a good recipe to adapt to granadilla. He also makes a banana wine and uses elderflower, currants ect in other wines. I would think that the granadilla would make a nice mead or hard cider as well.

2-1/2 lb. apricots
7 pints water
2 lb. sugar
1-1/4 tsp. acid blend
1 tsp. pectic enzyme
1/4 tsp. grape tannin
1 crushed Campden tablet
yeast and nutrient
In primary fermentation vessel, combine all ingredients except yeast and apricots, stirring to dissolve sugar. Wash, pit and dice apricots. Place in grain-bag, tie top, and squeeze as much juice as you can into vessel. Place grain-bag of pulp into vessel, cover, and set in warm place for 24 hours. Add yeast, cover, and squeeze pulp daily to extract more juice. Stir twice daily. After five days, strain juice from grain-bag, discard pulp, transfer liquor to secondary fermentation vessel, and fit airlock. Rack after 30 days and again after another 60 days. When clear, rack again and bottle. Allow to age one year or longer.

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Wow thanks Chris will try it out