Super Bread Crouton Chaat


1 slice Toasted Bread,
1 Potato boiled and cut,
1 Tomato Small Size cut,
1 Onion cut,
2 tablespoons Capsicum,
10 pieces of Cottage Cheese (Paneer),
2 tablespoons Green Chutney,
2 tablespoons Sweet Chutney,
Sev and pomegranate for garnish,


Toast one slice of bread then cut into croutons. Put a pan to heat, add very little oil then stir fry cottage cheese, onion, capsicum, green chilly, potato also sprinkle some salt and red chilly pd. Take this in a bowl and just before serving mix the bread croutons, tomato, chutneys, chaat masala. Check the salt and red chilly powder. Garnish on top with pomegranate and the sev. Make and serve so that it is crisp..


18 servings


Wednesday, December 15, 2010 - 8:21pm

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