Pumpkin Raisin Chocolate Cookie



In the bowl of your kitchen aid add the cake mix and can of pumpkin, mix until thoroughly combined. Stir in the chunks and raisins and mix well. Drop onto a parchment lined baking sheet using an ice-cream scoop. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 12-18 minutes. I hope you enjoy these fabulous cookies as much as Kasha and my families did.




Fall is in the air here in Beaverton, we have been getting breezy days that are making the leaves fall from the trees and all of the stores are selling pumpkins. I love this time of the year because for me it is the start of my pumpkin eating frenzy. I really wanted some pumpkin cookies for my first item of the season; I used to be able to buy some at the local Safeway store that I simply loved. I was totally devastated when they stopped selling them and I had to try and make them myself. The recipe I threw together was not bad but at the same time it was just not the same. Last week when I was doing my commenting I found pictures of some pumpkin cookies that looked just like what I used to get in the store. Have A Daily Serving And Enjoy (Grub and Stuff) was sharing what has to be the simplest recipe for these wonderful cookies and I knew by the picture that they would taste just like the ones I fell in love with. My husband was thrilled over the thought of making these little gems but of course asked ever so sweetly if I would put raisins in the cookies too, and of course for him I did. I want to thank Kasha for sharing this simple but wonderful cookie recipe because they did turn out and taste just like what I have been trying to duplicate for years.


30 Cookies


Thursday, December 10, 2009 - 3:49pm


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