The Strawberry Rum Smash


2 oz White Rum
1 or 2 fresh strawberries
0.5 oz rich simple syrup
2 dashes of peach bitters
ginger ale


Muddle the strawberries with the syrup and bitters in the bottom of an old fashioned glass. Use one or two strawberries depending on size.
Once the strawberries have been integrated with the syrup, add the rum and ice.
Stir with a cocktail spoon until chilled and mixed.
Top with ginger ale.
Sit back and enjoy!


It can be hard to find the right balance of sweet and sour on a hot summer day. Although you may normally prefer sweet drinks, if a drink is too sweet in the heat it is not enjoyable and instead takes on a sickening flavor. The perfect solution to this problem is the smash.

Smashes are amazingly versatile cocktails and although they began by using bourbon whiskey, they quickly expanded to include most spirits. The most famous example of a smash is a the Mint Julep, the official cocktail of the Kentucky Derby. By combining sugar with herbs and fruit, these cocktails offer a refreshingly balanced take on the summer cocktail. Whether you have one or five, the flavor will remain amazing throughout the experience.


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Thursday, August 15, 2013 - 3:17pm


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