Smoked Salmon Cucumber Rolls with Dill Sauce


1 cucumber, sliced into 8 thin ribbons
8 ounces of smoked salmon (preservative-free, sugar-free) cut into 1 ounce chunks
1 hard boiled egg per person (preferably pasture raised, if you have a histamine intolerance – avoid whites)
handful of fresh dill,
1 cup coconut yogurt
green beans or any other steamed green veggie (can be brussels sprouts, kale, chard, etc)


Blend Dill and Coconut Yogurt in a high speed blender.
Chill until needed. Roll Salmon in Cucubers.
Skewer with toothpicks to secure.
Peel eggs.
Combine Salmon Rolls with steamed veggies, and Dill Sauce. Enjoy!


We’ve heard it over and over…Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Having an Anti-Inflammatory breakfast free of sugars, and heavy carbs is even more important to get your body prepared for anything challenging that might come its way. Sugary, and starchy breakfasts have proven to be a potential enemy to our bodies, and also our minds. Not only do we run the risk of having to deal with inflammation at some point in the day, but Mood swings, can easily set in. When this happens our initial goal of “An anti-Inflammatory Day” has been defeated, and we’ve caused it by our very own food choices.
One thing I’ve learned over the years is that preparation (yes, even for next mornings breakfast) will prevent just going with the first thing we see for breakfast. For this particular dish, I prepared the dill sauce the night before. While it is so simple to make, doing this made me feel organized and ready to take on the day!

When I buy Smoked Salmon, I make sure I buy only preservative-free, sugar-free packs. Whole Foods Market, Vital Choice Seafoods and most health food stores offer this type of natural salmon. Coconut yogurt can be made at home or purchased from any Whole Foods market or local health food store.


8 rolls (2 servings of 4 rolls) will feed 2 people


Sunday, March 3, 2013 - 3:16am


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