Toreador Special


10 Hot Dogs (We're Dodgers Fans - Farmer John® Official Dodger Dogs®)
10 Bacon strips
1 Onion, sliced
1 Green and/or Red Pepper, cut into strips
Jalapeños as desired


Wrap each hot dog with a strip of bacon.
Grill onions and peppers on a cast iron grill pan or on the grill.
Add the bacon wrapped hot dogs to the grill and cook for 1-2 minutes on each side until the bacon is evenly cooked and crispy.
The peppers should be cooked through and the onions caramelized when the hot dogs are finished cooking.
Place one hot dog, onions, and peppers in a warm flour tortilla, roll up and enjoy.




The thought of baseball season just around the corner reminded me of a family favorite, the Toreador Special. My family has a long-standing love affair with baseball and Mexican food and for as long as I can remember my great aunts served up bacon-wrapped hot dogs with grilled onions and peppers wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla.

The Toreador Special was named after an amateur baseball team founded in the 1940's This tight-knit team of family, friends and neighbors, mostly second generation Mexican Americans, continued in some form through the 1970's.

Bacon wrapped dogs are popular throughout Mexico and can be found on street-side food carts all over Los Angeles. The best being enjoyed after a sporting event or late-night concert. Despite their recent popularity the dogs are not a new concept, in fact I even found an Oscar Mayer ad from the 1950's showing "Wiener-Cheese-Bacon Roll-Ups". I can not say where the recipe actually originated but I do know that these tasty dogs were on the menu at Guerrero's Tacos, a small family restaurant run by my great aunts and uncles in the 1940's.


10 Nine hungry baseball players and the Cook/Coach


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