Hickory Smoked Rib Eye And Lobster


1 Rib eye steak for each person
1 lobster tail for each person
Steak seasoning to taste
1 stick of butter at room temperature
4 tablespoons chopped chives
4 tablespoons chopped tarragon leaves
2 teaspoons garlic, minced (you can tell Patti did the garlic)
Splash hot sauce (hot sauce, too)
1/2 teaspoon white pepper


Directions: Steaks And Lobster
Season the steaks to taste, cover and let them set out until they reach room temperature. They cook more evenly at room temp...
Butterfly the lobster using kitchen shears and a paring knife. Take the shears and cut the shell away from the soft bottom of the tail, then with a sharp knife make a cut in the center of the tail about halfway through the entire length of the tail. Now, gently open them up a little.
I like to use 2 skewers so that when you turn them they don’t roll over. You can use either wooden or metal skewers. Just remember to soak wooden ones for at least 30 minutes before using them.
Directions: Herb Butter
Put all the ingredients in a bowl with the soft butter and blend with a fork. Cover and set aside.
Ok, let’s hit the grill. The steaks will take about 4 minutes on each side at this temperature. I use a kitchen timer.
After you turn the steaks put the lobster on cut side down.
They should be turning bright orange about the time to turn the steaks.
After you turn the lobster, put all of the butter they will hold on them and continue grilling about 4 more minutes. Again, they will be bright orange and the meat will be white when they are ready.
Preparing Grill: High Direct Heat
Preheat your grill to High heat (400-450). Add your wet hickory chips to the fire and oil the grill. A cooking spray is easiest for this.
Note: you can add your hickory directly to the grill or you can use foil smoke packets.(Two handfuls wet chips and one dry, fold foil into a packet, poke holes in it with a fork and you’re good to go.)
Note: I use a spray bottle when cooking on the grill filled with a Worcestershire sauce and liquid smoke mix that keeps things moist and adds tons of flavors. (Mix is 3 parts Worcestershire with 1 part liquid smoke)




Our long time friend Dori wanted steak and lobster for the 4th. The problem she had was that she did not have a way to fix it like she wanted. Her solution, bring it over here for us to grill. My thoughts, no problem. You Bring it, I’ll grill it…
Patti made up garlic herb butter for the lobster while I seasoned the rib eyes with a little steak seasoning and Worcestershire sauce. I butterflied the lobster and put it onto skewers. We sliced up some of our garden fresh tomatoes with a Vidalia onion dressing, crisp green onions and steak fries.
The fun thing about this is that I sent this picture out to a few friends. I am out of work right now and can’t afford lobster, no problem. I have already had a few volunteers to bring more and for us to fix it for them. Paul even said he would pick up some shrimp and we’ll do some shrimp kabobs with it.
I think we are going to like this….
You Bring it, I’ll grill it…

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 8 minutes
Grill: Direct High Heat

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 8 minutes
Grill: Direct High Heat

Remember that a recipe is simply an outline; it is not written in stone.
Don’t be afraid to make changes to suit your taste.
Take it and run with it….


Ken & Patti


4 servings


Thursday, December 10, 2009 - 4:43pm

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