Basic Peruvian Ceviche Recipe


-2 pounds of Fresh, bone-less, and un-frozen Sea food (Take a look at the list below with regard to specific types of fish that can be used)
-Half of a Bunch of Cilantro Leaves (Half of a Cup)
-1 Large Red Onion
-8 to 10 limes depending upon their overall size
-1 Head of Lettuce
-1 Tsp of Salt (More or Less)
-1 Tsp of Pepper (More or Less)
-1/2 a Teaspoon of Aji Amarillo Yellow Pepper (Perfectly Optional)
*Kinds of fish which can be used*
-Red Snapper
-Mahi Mahi
-Rainbow Trout
-Sea Bass
-Most Different White-colored Salt Water Species of fish.
-Frozen, Cooked, Moderate-Sized Shrimp should be considered instead of "fresh" shrimp merely because of possible safety factors. Ensure that you do completely thaw and dry the shrimp if you're planning on using it.


-Slice fish into half-inch or 2cm bits and put the strips into the glass pan
-Chop the red onion into two pieces and portion it into long and thin strips.
-Combine the fish slices, red onion slices, salt, and pepper inside your glass bowl (If you want to make use of the Aji Amarillo Yellow Pepper, this is the time to combine it in)
-Dice the cilantro leaves and distribute them within the compounded pan
-Juice the limes into a glass
-Pour the lime juice into the mixed bowl. Make an effort to flood every piece of fish in lime juice.
-Cover your glass bowl with plastic wrap.
-Keep your glass bowl covered in plastic wrap at room temp. for 4 - 5 hours.
-Once every hour, expose the ceviche from your plastic bowl and mix it around. Reapply the Plastic wrap immediately after mixing
-After 4-5 Hours have passed, serve the ceviche into a bowl or into a plate of sliced lettuce.
-May be served with sweet potatoes and corn (Choclo or United states Corn).


Ceviche is a common seafood staple in almost any Peruvian restaurant. Today, you'll be able to make some tasty ceviche by following this simple recipe. If you like this Ceviche Recipe, be sure to check out


2 lbs. of Ceviche


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