Rice Pudding For Two


4 cups Milk
1/2 cup Sugar, more or less , depending on your personal taste


Wash the rice and soak in warm water for half an hour.
Pour your milk in the pot. Heat up for about 15 minutes
Drain the rice, add to the milk.
Stir together occasionally until the rice gets soft and fully cooked.
Stirring prevents the rice and milk to stick to the pot.
Add the sugar. Mix well
Add the cinnamon and vanilla
Cook for another ten minutes until it is all done
Pour in glass cups
You may serve warm or cold. Garnish with little cinnamon on top




This is the title of post written by Rehab Bassam in her blog" Hawadeet "which means “Stories” or “Antidotes”
Few months ago, I was in Cairo and usually I buy several books when I am there. I picked up a book with the title “ Rice Pudding for two”. When I started reading the book it felt familiar as if I had read the words before...I googled the title of the book, in Arabic, and Rehab’s name...I found her Hawadeet blog. I read some posts on her blog and I realized that I had visited there before and read many posts ... I admit, I am not a follower for Rehab’s blog, but I read a lot of her writings. I enjoyed reading most of her posts and loved her easy and expressive style of writing… publishing her posts in a book is a great way to appreciate her beautiful talent.
Since I am interested in all types of cooking and preparing recipes, it was only natural that I liked the post about her "rice pudding for two"… I loved the romantic aspect of mixing up the recipe with loving thoughts...her selection of words was a great addition to the recipe. To complete her recipe, Rehab selected a great romantic song by Fairouz, "Anna and Habibi, wi Habibi ili". It was a perfect choice and complemented the subject of romance and sweet, delicious food!!!
I waited several months to prepare this recipe…I have a problem when preparing my recipes, I always need a camera person to help me get the best shots… My camera person was my sister in law Mona, who did a great job shooting the video, thank you Mona! I prepared the recipe in her house, according to Rehab’s instructions in her post. I am happy with the final results of this video.I have to note that I did not use the same amounts Rehab listed in her recipe, I felt that I would get a very runny pudding if I used the amounts mentioned by Rehab, I had to adjust the recipe to get the best, most delicious and great rice pudding.
Note: this is the recipe according to the Egyptian method in preparing rice pudding. In the lavant , rice pudding is prepared with adding Mastic Gum and Orange blossom water to it instead of cinnamon and vanilla. By all means, the recipe is enough for more than two people! Enjoy.




Monday, December 21, 2009 - 10:01pm


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