Natural Sourdough Starter


Sourdough Starter: (the mother dough)
1 cup milk (skim, whole, whatever you've got, even diluted plain yogurt works fine)


Place flour and milk into a non metal bowl or crock, stir until somewhat combined. ( I use a vented variety of rubber ware thats currently available at target, similar ones can be purchased just about anywhere but you do need something that is NOT air tight) If your not using a vented dish cover loosely with a cheese cloth or cling wrap etc.
Let stand 3-5 days, stirring with a clean non metallic utensil every day or so. Once your mixture appears to be bubbly and has a sweet and sour "beer like" aroma you are ready to use it. If the mixture appears to have mold or smells sour discard and try again. At this point your starter either needs to be fed regularly or refrigerated.
To Feed and replenish your starter you will remove the desired amount for each recipe and feed the starter by stirring in equal parts of water and flour, stir until somewhat combined and allow to rise at room temperature 4-6 hours or over night. I highly recommend looking into the subject and really researching to see what recipe suits you best. This link to King Arthur Flours starter troubleshooting might prove to be very helpful, while I think their "mother starter" recipe is kind of blah, they're troubleshooting and tips on feeding is very helpful.




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Do you think flax milk or 7-grain milk would work in place of cow milk?

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Do you think flax milk or 7-grain milk would work in place of cow milk?


Naturally grown yeast starter dough without the use of store bought packaged yeasts. If you're vegan or think you'd really be needing to suit vegan needs you could try this with some variety of juice or water, however I have not tried this method


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Wednesday, July 7, 2010 - 12:17pm


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