Technique: Vacuum Packing


Vacuum packing is a process of storing food in an airtight container from which most of the air was exhausted before sealing, so as to maintain freshness


Other names: Vacuum Pack, Vacuum Packed
Translations: Vakuuminis pakavimas, Vacuum de ambalare, Vakuum pakiranje, Đóng gói chân không, Pakowanie próżniowe, Vacuüm verpakken, निर्वात पैकिंग, Vácuo Embalagem, Вакуумная упаковка, Κενό Συσκευασίας, الفراغ التغليف, 진공 포장, Vakuové balení, Vacuum-iimpake, 真空包装, Envasar al buit, Vákuové balenie, Confezionamento in sottovuoto, אבק אריזה, Vakuumförpackning, Вакуум паковање, 真空包装, Emballage sous vide, Vakuum-Verpackung, Vakuum Packing, Envasar al vacío, Вакуумна упаковка, Vacuum Pakkaus, Вакуум Опаковка



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