Technique: Induction Cooking


An induction-cooker element (what on a gas stove would be called a "burner") is a powerful, high-frequency electromagnet, with the electromagnetism generated by sophisticated electronics in the "element" under the unit's ceramic surface. When a good-sized piece of magnetic material--such as, for example, a cast-iron skillet--is placed in the magnetic field that the element is generating, the field transfers ("induces") energy into that metal. That transferred energy causes the metal--the cooking vessel--to become hot. By controlling the strength of the electromagnetic field, we can control the amount of heat being generated in the cooking vessel--and we can change that amount instantaneously.


Other names: Induction Cook, Induction Cooked
Translations: Indukcijas kulinārija, Įvadinė Kulinarija, Inducţie de gatire, Indukcija Kuhanje, Bếp nấu ăn, Gotowanie indukcyjne, Inductie koken, प्रेरण पाक कला, Indução de Culinária, Индукционные Кулинария, Επαγωγή Μαγειρική, الحث الطبخ, 유도 요리, Indukční varná, Induksi Memasak, Pagtatalaga sa tungkulin Pagluluto, 电磁炉, De cocció per inducció, Indukcijsko kuhanje, Indukčná varná, Induzione di cucina, אינדוקציה בישול, Induktion Matlagning, Индукција Кување, 誘導クッキング, Induction de cuisson, Kochen mit Induktion, Induktion Madlavning, Induksjon Cooking, De cocción por inducción, Індукційні Кулінарія, Induktiokeittoalueisiin, Индукция готвене



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basic cooking is not easy. I tried to learn from some online courses but it takes a little ingenuity. But who wants to follow the link of the courses I took.

bye! =)

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Induction cooking is incredibly easy! It offers instant heat, instant adjustment and instant switch-off.... what is not easy about that! We will never go back to ordinary electric cooking and have seen that induction gives us the same versatility as gas but with a much more cleanable (and usable) cooking surface.