Technique: Roll Cutting


Roll cutting involves slicing a filled roll into several bite-sized pieces to make the roll easier to eat. An example is sushi roll, which is sliced first before serving.


Other names: Roll Cut
Translations: Roll Griešanas, Roll Pjovimo, Roll de tăiere, Roll Rezanje, Roll cắt, Cięcie rolki, Roll Snijden, रोल काटना, Roll Corte, Резка Roll, Roll κοπής, قطع لفة, 롤 커팅, Rozbalit řezání, Pemotongan Roll, Roll pagputol, 滚切, Roll de tall, Rozbaliť rezanie, Rullo di taglio, רול חיתוך, Ролл за сечење, ロールは、切削, Roll coupe, Roll Skæring, Roll de corte, Різка Roll, Roll leikkaus, Roll рязане



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