Tool: Heat Diffuser


A disk that is placed over the gas flame on a stove and absorbs heat, distributes it evenly to prevent scorching, and concentrates flame heat for greater energy efficiency with even small pots and pans.


Translations: Siltuma Difuzoru, Šilumos Difuzoriaus, Căldură Diffuser, Toplina Diffuser, Khuyếch tán nhiệt, Dyfuzor ciepła, Warmte Diffuser, गर्मी विसारक, Difusor de calor, Тепло рассеивателя, Θερμότητα διαχύτη, الناشر الحرارة, 더위 기관총, Teplo difuzoru, Penebar Panas, 热扩散, Difusor de calor, Heat difuzorja, Teplo difuzora, Diffusore di calore, מפזר חום, Heat diffusor, Топлота Дифузор, 熱拡散, Diffuseur de chaleur, Simmerplatte, Heat Diffusor, Difusor de calor, Тепло розсіювача, Lämpö Diffuusioyksikön, Топлина дифузор



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