Tool: Egg Cup


An egg cup, or egg server, is a container used for serving boiled eggs in their shell. Typically, the very top of the egg is sliced off and small demitasse spoons, or toast cut into strips, are used to scoop out the soft boiled egg.

Egg cups can be made of ceramic/china, pottery, wood, plastic, glass and various metals, and are often collectible items in the U.S. and the U.K.


Other names: Egg Server
Translations: Olu trauciņš, Kiaušinių taurė, Ou Cupa, Stalak za kuhano jaje, Cốc trứng, अंडा कप, Ovo da Copa, Яйцо Кубок, Αυγό Κύπελλο, كأس البيضة, 계란 컵, Kalíšek na vejce, Piala Telur, 蛋杯, Huevo de la Copa, Kalíšok na vajcia, ביצה בגביע, Äggkopp, Сталак за кувано јаје, エッグカップ, Coquetier, Ou de la Copa, Яйце Кубок, Muna Cup, Чашка за варено яйце




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