Tool: Electric Kettle


An electric kettle is a device used to quickly heat water for hot drinks, such as coffee and tea. It is powered by electricity, and is automatically deactivated once the water reaches boiling point to prevent it from boiling over and damaging the heating element.


Other names: Electric Tea Kettle, Electric Tea Pot
Translations: Elektriskā tējkanna, Elektrinis virdulys, Ceainic electric, Kuhalo za vodu, Ấm điện, Czajnik elektryczny, Waterkoker, इलेक्ट्रिक केतली, Chaleira Elétrica, Электрочайник, Βραστήρας, دورق تسخين ماء كهربائي, 전기 주전자, Rychlovarná konvice, 电热水壶, Bullidor elèctric, Rýchlovarná kanvica, Caldaia elettrica, קומקום חשמלי נשלף, Elektrisk Vattenkokare, Кувало за воду, 電気湯沸かし器, Bouilloire électrique, Wasserkessel, Elkedel, Vannkoker, Hervidor eléctrico, Електрочайник, Vedenkeitin, Електрическа кана




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