Tool: White Wine Glass


White wine glasses are narrow, has a longer stem, and with somewhat straight or tulip-shaped sides.They are built this way to avoid having too much air circulating around the glass. It is designed to be held by the stem, as in the case of champagne flutes, to help prevent the heat of the hand from warming the wine.


Translations: Baltvīns Stikla, Baltas vynas Stiklo, Vin alb de sticlă, Bijelo vino stakla, Szkła białego wina, व्हाइट वाइन ग्लास, Copo de Vinho Branco, Белое вино стекло, Λευκό Κρασί Γυαλί, بيضاء النبيذ الزجاج, 화이트 와인 글래스, Bílé víno, 一杯白葡萄酒, Blanc de vidre per a vi, Belega vina Glass, Biele víno, כוס יין לבן, Vitt vin Glas, Бело вино стакла, ホワイトワイングラス, Verre de vin blanc, Weißweinglas, Hvidvin Glas, Blanco de vidrio para vino, Біле вино скло, Valkoviinilaseja, Бяло вино от стъкло



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