Tool: Lion's Head Bowl


The three-dimensional lion's head on the sides of this ceramic bowl is from a traditional French design.


Translations: Lauvas galvu Bowl, Liūto galvą Bowl, शेर के सिर बाउल, Bowl Lion's Head, Глава Льва Боул, Μπολ Head λιονταριού, صحن رئيس الأسد., 사자의 머리 보울, Lví hlavu mísa, Head mangkok Lion's, 狮头碗, Bowl Lion's Head, Vodja Lion's Bowl, Hlavu leva misa, Testa di leone Bowl, ראש קערה האריות, Лавовски Шеф Боул, ライオンヘッドボウル, Bowl Lion's Head, Bowl Lion's Head, Глава Льва Боул, Лъвската глава Купата



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