Tool: Peeler


A Peeler is a kitchen utensil with a metal blade used to remove the peel or skin of fruits and vegetables. It is a great tool to remove only the peel, without removing much with it. Peelers range in size and shape depending on their intended usage.

One type of peeler resembles a knife with an elongated hole in the blade through which the peel or skin of the fruit or vegetable is removed. Another type of peeler resembles a safety razor, and is used to shave off the skin into strips.

The most popular types of peelers include the Potato peeler, the Y peeler and the Aussie peeler.

There is also a palm peeler.


Translations: Lobītājs, Skustukas, Poliţist, Striptizeta, Người lột vỏ trái cây, Przyrząd do obierania, Schilmachine, पुलिस का सिपाही, Descascador, Энергичный человек, Ξεφλουδίζων, مقشرة, 순경, Loupač, Стриптизета, Pambalat, 皮勒, Policia, Ljuštilo, Lúpačka, קולפן, Skalaren, Alat pengupas, 皮むき器, Éplucheur, Schäler, Skrællekniv, Policía, Енергійна людина, Strippari, Белачка



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