Tool: Slicing Knife


A slicing knife or Slicer is a knife with a long, slender, flexible blade up to 14 inches (360mm) long. Used for carving or slicing cooked meats.

Definition from "Professional Cooking by Wayne Gisslen".


Other names: Slicer
Translations: Griešanas nazis, Pjaustyklės peiliai, Feliere cuţit, Nož za rezanje, Cięcie Knife, Snijden Knife, चाकू टुकड़ा करने की क्रिया, Нож для нарезки, Τεμαχισμό μαχαιριών, سكين التقطيع, 깔끔히 나이프, Krájení nůž, Mengiris Pisau, Pagpipiraso Knife, 切片刀, Ganivet de trinxar, Rezanje Nož, Krájanie nôž, Affettare Knife, סכין חיתוך, Skivning Knife, Сечење ножем, スライスナイフ, Couteau à trancher, Udskæring Knife, Kutting Knife, Cuchillo de trinchar, Ніж для нарізки, Viipalointi Knife, Нарязвате нож



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