Tool: Flame-Top Brazier


Flame-top clay tagines brown and slow-cooks food beautifully, and can be used directly on electric, gas and halogen stovetops, and in ovens.


Translations: Liesmas Top varkalis, Liepsnos Top Brazier, Flame-Top mangal, Plamen-Top kazandžija, Flame-Top lò than hồng, लौ टॉप ठठेरा, Brazier Chama-Top, Пламя-Top Бразье, Φλόγα-Top μαγκάλι, اللهب الأعلى المبخرة, 불꽃 - 톱 화로, Flame-Top koksový koš, Flame-Top anglo, Ningas-Top Brazier, 火焰热门布拉齐尔, Truca Brazier-Top, Flame-Top Kotar, Flame-Top koksový kôš, Braciere Fiamma-Top, הלהבה למעלה המבער, Пламен-Топ Бразиер, 炎トップブレイジャー, Brazier Flame-Haut, Flame-toppen Brazier, Llama Brazier-Top, Полум'я-Top Бразіл, Liekki-Top hiilipannu, Пламък-Top мангал



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