Tool: Oval Gratin


An oval gratin is shallow enough to spread a thin layer of food for perfectly browned crust or topping.


Translations: Ovalo formos Zapiekanka, Oval gratin, Zapiekanka owalne, Gratin Oval, Oval GRATINERT, Овал запеченный, Οβάλ Gratin, غراتان البيضاوي, 타원 그라탕, Oválné Gratinované, Hugis-itlog Gratin, 椭圆形焗, Oval Gratinat, Oval zapečeni, Oválne Gratinované, Ovale Gratin, הסגלגל גרטן, Oval Gratäng, Овални Гратин, オーバルグラタン, Ovale Gratin, ओवल Gratin, Óvalo Gratinado, Овал запечений, Oval Kuorrutettu, Овалния фурна



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