Tool: Scale


In cooking, ingredients often require weighing so that correct amounts are used and the desired texture, taste and consistency are achieved. A Scale is used to accurately weigh food.

There are different types of scales, but most consist of a tray in which the food is placed and the base on which the tray or container is placed. Measurement is done using pounds, ounces, grams and kilograms.


Translations: Mērogs, Skalė, Scară, Skala, Quy mô, Skala, Schaal, स्केल, Escala, Масштаб, Κλίμακα, جدول, 규모, Stupnice, Skala, Proporsyon, 规模, Escala, Stupnica, Scala, סולם, Skala, Скала, スケール, Échelle, Maßstab, Skala, Escala, Масштаб, Asteikko, Мащаб



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