Tool: Double Rocks Glass


Rocks glasses are usually used for whiskey and gin-based cocktails, though sometimes also for bourbon and scotch. Rocks glasses got their name as most of these drinks are served "on the rocks" or over ice. A double rocks glass is a larger version allowing for a double shot of liquor.


Translations: Double Rocks Stikla, Dvivietis Rocks Stiklas, Dublu Rocks sticlă, Dvostruko staklo Rocks, Double Glass Rocks, Dubbel Glas Rocks, डबल ग्लास Rocks, Vidro Duplo Rocks, Дабл Рокс стекла, Double Glass Rocks, زجاج مزدوج الصخور, 더블 록스 유리, Dvoulůžkový Rocks sklo, 双岩玻璃, Doble vidre Roques, Dvojlôžková Rocks sklo, פעמיים זכוכית סלעים, Dubbel Rocks Glas, Дупли Камење стакла, ダブルロックスガラス, Double Rocks verre, Dobbelt Rocks Glass, Dobbel Rocks Glass, Doble vidrio Rocas, Дабл Рокс скла, Двойна скала стъкло



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