Tool: French Butter Dish


A French butter dish is a type of pottery crock designed to keep butter soft and fresh without refrigeration. It has a base with a hollow cylinder attached in the center, and a cup-like lid that fits over the top. The upper cup holds the butter, while cylinder in the base holds water. The water creates an airtight seal that keeps oxygen away from the butter, thus preserving it.


Translations: Franču Sviests Trauku, Prancūzijos sviestinė, Unt franceză Dish, Francuski maslac Dish, Pháp Butter Dish, Francuski Maselniczka, Franse Botervloot, फ्रांसीसी मक्खन डिश, Manteigueira francês, Французский Масленка, Γαλλικά Βούτυρο Dish, طبق الزبد الفرنسية, 프랑스어 버터 접시, Francouzština Máslo mísa, Prancis Butter Dish, Pranses mantikilya ulam, 法国黄油碟, Plat de la mantega francesa, Francoski Maslo Dish, Francúzština Maslo misa, Burro francese Dish, צלוחית החמאה הצרפתית, Franska smörfat, Француски Маслац антене, フランスバター皿, Française Beurrier, Französisch Butterdose, Fransk Smør Dish, Fransk Butter Dish, Plato de la mantequilla francesa, Французький Масленка, Ranskan Voi Astianpesukoneet, Френски Масло антена



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