Tool: Plastic Straw


Tube made of soft plastic, often 8-10 inches long, and used to drink beverages. They are especially useful in drink with ice as they filter the ice. Some models have an accordion shaped section that makes then bendable and able to hold a given angle. Straws can be easily cut to a variety of lengths and are also useful in a variety of arts and crafts projects.


Other names: Straw, Drinking Straw
Translations: Plastmasas Straw, Plastikiniai Straw, Plastic paie, Plastični Straw, Nhựa Straw, Słoma z tworzyw sztucznych, Rietje, प्लास्टिक स्ट्रॉ, Пластиковые Стро, Πλαστικό Straw, البلاستيك سترو, 플라스틱 짚, Plastové Straw, Plastik Straw, Plastic dayami, 塑料吸管, Palla de plàstic, Plastové Straw, Paglia di plastica, פלסטיק קש, Plast Straw, Пластичне сламе, プラスチックストロー, Strohhalm, Plast Straw, Paja de plástico, Пластикові Стро, Muovi Straw, Пластмасови Стро


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