Tool: Dripless Ladle


A ladle designed to measure accurately for ladling and portioning. Equiped with a pouring rim to prevent drips.


Translations: Dripless pavārnīca, Dripless Samtis, Dripless căuş, Dripless loncu, Dripless lò nồi, Dripless Chochla, «Druiploze» Ladle, Dripless करछुल, Dripless Panela, Dripless Ковш, Dripless Κουτάλα, Dripless مغارف, Dripless 국자, Dripless lopatové, Dripless sandok, 流滴钢包, Cullerot sense degoteig, Dripless Dajati, Dripless lopatové, Dripless Mestolo, Dripless מצקת, Dripless skänktippning, Дриплесс Давати, 滴の垂れないラドル, Verser anti-goutte, Dripless slev, Dripless øse, Cucharón sin goteo, Dripless Ківш, Dripless kapusta, Dripless черпак



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